Monday, 11 February 2013

Become a Human Intelligence Provider

Even in the age of computerised this and robotic that, there is no denying that certain tasks are still best left to the good old fashioned human brain. These tasks are known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and include little jobs that computers and programmes simply can’t do. This includes things like writing product descriptions, identifying elements within a video or answering FAQs.

These HITs are very simple, easy and quick, and you can get paid a good enough amount once you have gotten used to doing them. There are basically no requirements needed to fulfil a HIT as long as you read the request and do the job properly as described. You can easily do multiple tasks at a time if it makes it easier and turnaround time is extremely quick. Perhaps the most attractive thing about HITs is the ease of fitting it into your schedule. You can do them at any time and many of them take only a couple of minutes. You can do them when you wake up, before bed, or even at 4:30am when you’re having difficulty sleeping! It really is up to you. What you lose in steady income, you make up in complete freedom. Then, the money goes into your account after an allotted time (dependent on the organisation subscribed to) for you to spend as you wish!

Although a fair amount of money can be made after some time of getting used to how it works, and managing yourself in regards to working efficiently, initially it can seem like you are working very hard for next to nothing. It is very important to remember that the requesters (who offer the HITs) aren’t looking for masterpieces. Simply do what is asked and then quickly move on and forget about it!

We recommend Amazon’s Mechanical Turk as the most reputable marketplace for finding HITs. You can sign up at and get straight to work!

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