Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Make some money while you're having fun

Being a student is fun, but it does have its down side. For a lot of students it is the first time that they have left home and is therefore somehow disconcerting. The realization that there is now no mechanism around to take dirty smelly clothes and magically transform them into clean ones is a bit irritating, isn`t it?! But still the most inconvenient change in students’ life is dealing with budget and studies and not only that but doing it SIMULTANEOUSLY… In this case the only association with uni life will logically be BOREDOM and the only thought that can slightly drive you back from this stressful association is going out for a drink with “the guys”. Unfortunately, here comes the second obstacle that usually students find hard to overcome…budget.

How about if I tell you that there is a decent way to earn money until you`re having fun…SIMULTANEOUSLY? It could sounds a bit vague and too good to be true but don’t forget that one bored and desperate student can be extremely creative.  For instance, organising a party in your own house can be profitable “business”. Think about it, first, no one can deny that students tend to release their whole “potential” only if they feel like they are invited in a “private party”  where the cozy home atmosphere is contributing to the “crazy things I can do when my parents  (OR for example,  the security from Kasbah )are not watching”.  Second, everyone who acknowledge this fact will be even more interested of your “home organized party” when he/she notice that the price that they have to pay for entrance and drinks is almost three times cheaper than this in The Establishment‘s menu.  You may ask why someone would pay to go in someone else’s house instead of organising hi/her own party. And the answer is the mess that the extreme night usually leaves after the Sun goes up and the damages that should be fixed somehow are due to the host of the party, hence the only “obligation” of the “guests” is to have fun and cause those damages.Here some advices how you can do it:

  1.  Planning:
  •   Make sure you can gather volunteers to help you.
  •   Be prepare to invest some money
  2. Take action:
  •   Fix the dates and time your parties are going to take place (stick with permanent timetable initially, so that people can easy remember; afterwards, if everything goes on plan you can start “customizing” your parties)
  •  Advertising is an essential moment: find the balance between spreading the event, but on the same time inviting students that you know or at lease your friend’s friend knows
  •   Make arrangements for photo and video (you may use those materials for advertising…if appropriate)

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