Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Shedding light on the darker side of the coin

Talking about the alternative methods of income often engages work from home – it's more  convenient, doesn't involve long hours in traffic in your way to the office plus you can do some of the housework during your “office day”. The big question that arise does it make you more productive, stimulated and motivated or there is a possibility that you are missing something by not seeing your colleagues face to face every day.

I found an interesting article that discusses the decision of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer to ban “working remotely”. From Yahoo’s point of view working side-by-side is a crucial component of working effectively and efficiently and that the speed and the quality when we work from home “are sacrificed”.

Another opinion that supports Yahoo’s view is given by the Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson saying that working remote from the office and your coworkers is “a backwards step”.

So what do you think? If you work from home, no matter whether is a part time job or full time job, permanent position or just an alternative way of making additional income, how much time do you actually dedicate on working and how  for much making tea, checking the press or shopping online?

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