Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Teach your Mother Language

If you are concerned of how to make money while studying abroad, we guarantee that there are more than 100 ways to generate good amount of money without being committed to Part time job. One of these ways will be discussed in this example. 

Assume that you are an Arab student studying in the UK, and your mother language is Arabic, you can take advantage of this and try to search for Arab families who would like to teach their children the Arabic language.

Let us say that you have found two families, with two children each, who would like their children to learn the Arabic language. If you allocated two hours of your time in four days a week for each student and if you set a price of £30 for each lesson, you can make £120 a week, while you are just having 8 hours duty a week.

For a student who studies in the UK a £480 per month is good amount for their pocket money, SO HURRY UP AND MAKE YOUR OWN POCKET MONEY!!!

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