Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cook for your Accommodation Mates

Many students are concerned about how to secure their pocket money or get some extra cash while studying abroad without being committed to part/full time job that requires them long duties (e.g. 4h/day).

There are many ways to generate cash while studying abroad without being committed to another party and this can happen simply while being at home. Instead of dressing up and walk or take a bus to go to your workplace and spend at least 4 hours there and then doing the same thing to go back home take a shower and have some rest, we are talking about at least 6 hours that are wasted of your time. You can get the same amount of money in one hour while staying at home and having your pj’s on. The question here is how is this even possible???

Usually foreign students live in accommodations with many other students and they get to know each other and be friends. Further, it is out of discussion that almost 80% of those students depend heavily on fast food, take aways and meal deals to save time or even because they do not know how to cook. So if you are a good cook and if you enjoy your time cooking, you can make good amount of money in doing that.

We all know that a proper launch meal at any fast food restaurant may cost at least £5, so as start if you cook for 4 persons a day and you sell your meal for £3.5, we are talking about almost £400/month that easily have 60% PROFIT for your POCKET.

We will provide you with an example to make the mentioned numbers REAL. If you buy a 6kg bag of rice that easily last for 15 days for £5, 600g of chopped chicken breast for £2.5, some mushrooms and onions for £1.5 and  two jars of sauces for £2.
So now we have:
£2.5 chicken breast
£1.5 vegetables
£2 sauces
£0.40 rice/day
So if you sell your food for 4 persons with a £3.5/meal, your net profit per one day is £7.60 in one hour cooking at your home.

Now it is your turn to start cooking and promote yourself to get more customers!!!

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