Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Create and Sell your own Accessories

MONEY MONEY MONEY! Students are always concerned about money, how to allocate their money on their daily activities? How to earn extra income? How much to invest? What about a part time job? All these questions are rolling your life in a coaster. Let us direct you towards the easiest ways of making money. 
In many cultures handcrafts are considered the main source of income and living. It is perceived by those who have this ability as a relaxing, enjoyable, pleasant lifestyle that requires them to have patience and creative characteristics.

If you are interested in making extra pocket money and have the skills to make handmade accessories, we will provide you with the easiest ways to do this. Handmade accessories have a wide range of products such as bracelets, earrings, key chains and many others.
The most common handmade accessories are bracelets. They are the simplest type to be done, they don’t need as much time, effort and even raw materials. Usually bracelets are made of threads and each 10 meter thread costs you approximately £7.

Let us say that you have bought three threads with three different colors with £21, and from a personal experience these three threads easily make 50 bracelets. So your total cost is £21 and the time taken to make three of them is one hour.  If each bracelet is sold for £ 3 then your profit is £ 129. Any additional beads can be added off course the higher the price of the bracelet become.

Moreover, Fimo is a kind of clay that it’s widely used; you can shape it in any form then after it dries it can be colored as desired. What is unique about Fimo is the low price where you can get each package for £ 3. With the fimo you can create earrings, brooches, rings and other “jewels”.

Furthermore, each one of us has unwanted T-shirts and trousers in his/her closet. Those not any more used clothes can be used to make bags and additional accessories for the clothes we usually wear. Technically, those cost NOTHING.

Last but not least, every house has numerous numbers of buttons with different sizes, shapes and colors. Have you ever thought of using them? Yes, they can be used as accessories on bags, T-shirts, trousers and even shoes. There are specialty stores who can provide you with larger variety with very cheap prices.

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