Sunday, 17 February 2013

World exploration + MoneyHugger = Smiley face

It's Monday morning, the day starts with the occasional 9 am classes, than continues with a grueling  group discussion about the unsatisfactory results from the uncoordinated group work left from last week and until you get home you end up with a bunch of assignment deadlines that you hardly imagine you can ever meet. But anyway, you continue the routine with "logging in" in any of the social media vehicles you've used most recently and  you  find a number of students how want to get rid of these interesting and full with action uni days and go on an exciting  trip, anywhere but far from here.  In this case, all you can do is offering them your  excellent organizational skills and advices on how to explore the world for affordable (student) price, but of course that can happen only if they use your “services”.  Suddenly, the small number is turning into a reasonable sized group and guess how is being left to do the organizing?! :) Yes, the chance to go on a trip and earn some money SIMULTANEOUSLY is given to you; moreover, the only thing you need to ensure is that you are approaching this “organizational plan” in a logical and correct manner.

The key word here is organization. This starts before you even begin putting all parts of the trip together. For instance, there is a lot of information that you will need to collect and collate ready to enter on booking forms, so you need to organize yourself first.

One of the first steps in arranging the actual trip, unless this has been previously agreed, is to sort out the dates. If you are given a free hand on this bear in mind that certain times of year, such as the height of summer and around special holidays like Easter and Christmas, are likely to be more expensive, so steer clear of these wherever possible unless they are an integral part of the reason for the proposed trip.

Than you should consider the type of the travel arrangements that must be made, which of course will vary depending upon the destination of the trip.

Even thought the responsibilities you have to consider for this alternative method of income,   you can’t deny that the money you will manage to gain from this organizing plan will be earned in the most stimulating way that one student can think of! :)

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